Returning to Uptime Development: Why Did I Decide to Come Back After Leaving for 10 Months?

Whilst the grass might seem greener somewhere else, it often isn’t the case, Uptime Development’s front-end developer Denys said after deciding to accept an offer from a larger corporation, but quickly understanding that the position wasn’t really for him and returning to Uptime.

“I had worked at Uptime Development for about five months when I got an offer to join one of the largest companies there is. The opportunity seemed like a once in a lifetime thing, as such I decided to go for it,” he said. “Unfortunately, that has been my number one mistake so far – I especially see it now that I’m back at Uptime.”

Denys explained that the initial decision to leave was mostly based on the fact that at that point there wasn’t an international project for him to work on. Whilst he really enjoyed Uptime Development’s culture, benefits, and casual atmosphere, he decided to go for the new opportunity.

“My new job turned out to be really corporate. Nobody really cared how I was doing or if I was enjoying the work I was doing. I was just expected to do it, with no regard to me as a person,” he explained, adding that this was in stark contrast to working at Uptime. “At Uptime you feel valued, you feel that your work has meaning, and that your teammates believe in you.”

However, with developers being in hot demand everywhere, Denys could have easily landed a job in basically any other company. He noted that the decision to return to where he got his start as a developer was a logical one for him, adding that the tech-stack, the team, and the management and HR suit him well.

One of the reasons for Denys leaving in the first place was the lack of suitable international projects at that point. This, too, is no longer an issue, as he explained: “When I understood that the new job really isn’t working out for me, a new opportunity presented itself at Uptime. A new USA-based project was just kicking off that required the tech stack I feel most comfortable with. This made the decision to return even easier.”

Who is Uptime Development for?

Asked if he feels that he made the right decision to return, Denys is quick to answer: “Yes, I made the right decision. Should someone else call and offer another opportunity, I wouldn’t go for it. I like it here.”

He explained that Uptime was his first serious full-time job as a software developer, and right from the start he liked the very friendly and pleasant atmosphere, focus on teamwork and helping each other, and the help he got from other developers more senior than him. “If I ever got stuck, people would find the time to help me out, everyone was patient, and nobody was frustrated. This really gave me a good start,” he said.

Explaining what kind of people would feel most comfortable at Uptime Development, Denys noted that they’d need to be open-minded, open to new opportunities, and share a mindset where teamwork is key and nobody is left hang out to dry – should someone get stuck, it’s the team’s responsibility to help them out.

“Sadly, with remote work, we’re not seeing each other as much as I’d wish, but at least we have quarterly events where everyone can meet up!” he said.

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