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Uptime has been building front-end solutions with a wide variety of technologies since 1992. With that, we’ve gained the tech stack, industry know-how, and an understanding of the best practices to create front-end systems that perfectly meet the needs of your business.

We utilize our top-level specialists and industry-leading full life cycle development methodologies to create scalable, responsive, and secure front-end solutions, whilst also focusing on UX and UI design, improving user flow, and offering seamless integrations between back-end and front-end systems. 

Our team is committed to offering a well-curated modern tech stack to serve the needs of our customers. As such we have resilient procedures in place to ensure that our people are up to date with all of the latest updates, features, and news related to the languages, frameworks, and platforms in our portfolio.

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Our tech stack

We utilize a wide variety of different languages and frameworks in developing front-end solutions. Here are the highlights:


The new mobile application for Estonia’s leading energy company Alexela provides customers with all the tools needed to quickly and conveniently get an overview of everything that is important for them – ranging from information about Alexela’s services, all the way to an overview of recent transactions and consumption.
In Poland, DLL wanted to dramatically decrease the time to prepare financial quotes for employees and partners. It needed to be easily scalable and accessible for the users. Another requirement was a mixed solution that could work either online or offline. The solution was a mobile app developed by Uptime.
When Inter Cars decided to hold an exposition in Warsaw in 2017, the decision to provide a mobile application to exposition attendees was delayed until one month before the event. The mobile application was to provide a map, agenda, search engine for products and exhibitors, directions, messages, and much more. The application was to be made available free of charge on iOS and Android.

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