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Our international team is constantly growing and we always have room for the best and the brightest. Would you like to join Uptime?

In everything we do, we are driven by our core values: integrity, dedication, a win-win mindset, and constant development. This is the mentality of everyone at Uptime and we hope that this applies to you as well.

Have a look at what we else we stand for, what’s it like to work with us, and what can you expect when you join our team. If you feel that it’s a good fit then get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.


We believe that people can achieve their best if they have the freedom to make decisions, take responsibility, and have the opportunity to make their voices heard.


Uptime has been on the market since 1992 and we are not going anywhere – you can be sure that with us you can work on challenging projects today, but also in 10 years' time.


The best can only learn from the best. That’s the reason why we work so hard to make sure that our talent concentration leaves nothing to wish for.

people you'll like

We pay close attention to populating our team with people who are a good cultural fit. As such you can be quite sure that you'll love working with your new co-workers – they're just like you!


Remarkable company events, tasty fruits and pastries, great coffee, and some surprises here-and-there are just a few of the benefits you'll find at Uptime in addition to your competitive salary.

a great atmosphere

We work hard to provide you with the best possible working environment – with our culture that values you and immense flexibility, all the way to awesome company events and a lot more.


Work is important, but so is your free time. Work-life balance and respecting your needs for flexibility are key for us. We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and that your family, education, and mental health come first. With us, you don't have to worry about burning the midnight oil or unrealistic expectations for your availability – you are in control of your time.

excitement & growth

Personal development is vital for achieving the best results. We do everything in our power to enable our people to grow, acquire new skills, and put into practice what has been learned previously. With us, you'll find projects that challenge you, give you the opportunity to grow, and to experience something new. No routine and boredom here, we'll gladly promise you that.


We function with a flat structure and minimal hierarchy – you have the power to manage yourself and we're sure you're better at it than us. Uptime functions with a flat hierarchy and team-based structure, meaning that everyone has the option and expectation to make their voice heard. Our culture values independence, personal responsibility, and a take-charge attitude.

How to Shine at Uptime?

In a technical role

Above all else we are looking for people whose work can speak for itself – we don't shine away from university degrees or certificates, but they are not required nor expected. If you can work well in a team, have an outstanding tech stack, can write well-functioning, robust, and crisp code, and you are a breeze to work with, then you'll fit in perfectly at Uptime.

In a non-technical role

If you wish to join our team as an analyst, project manager, or in any other capacity, then the number one factor we look at is you as a person. We are looking for people persons who are able to take responsibility, who are solution-oriented, and who can get along with everybody. A rudimentary understanding of technical aspects is expected, but that does not mean you need to be able to code – if you can describe how a system should work and how the puzzle pieces come together, then you're a right fit for Uptime.

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Does Uptime sound like your kind of company? Glad to hear! Take a look at the open positions and we look forward to hearing from you.

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