Uptime recently hosted its traditional Winter Days, the theme of which was making new acquaintances, rediscovering the old, and experiencing real adventure. This year, the ever-popular tech-day section and the always-looked-forward-to evening social activities were mixed with the opportunity to explore the usually-closed parts of Tallinn, Estonia, with Patarei
The opportunity to develop apps in a simpler way is always inviting, but often the complex needs for the final product make it impossible to opt for easy options. However, as time goes on, No Code/Low Code (NCLC) platforms get better and better, offering more and more ways to
E-commerce is evolving day in and day out and your customers know it. What was extraordinary yesterday is expected today and if your storefront can’t keep up, your clients will find another option that does. So, looking forward to 2023, what are the five biggest trends impacting your business

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