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From 1992

Uptime has been focused on creating custom software solutions since 1992, with offices in Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland. Our team consists of over 150 top-level specialists, with experience in working with global enterprises, as well as with small and medium-sized companies.

Our aim is to build long-term mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, to enable our clients to reach new levels of efficiency and profitability.

While doing so, we’re utilizing our years of experience with a wide variety of technologies, which include, among others, .NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Swift, and Node.

We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent working relationships with our customers for extended periods of time, with our experience, industry knowledge & tech-stack constantly evolving alongside them.

Take a Look at Some of Our Projects

Here you’ll find a curated list of detailed overviews of our recent and most interesting projects. Take a look at the challenges we faced, the solutions we found, the results we achieved, and what our clients have to say about us.

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All of Uptime works together to achieve common goals. However, to better cover different geographical areas and differentiate specific focus topics, you are able to contact our Warsaw (and Lublin) and Kraków offices independently if you so wish.

Uptime Warsaw

Uptime Warsaw focuses on custom software development, with their special focus being insurance and financial products, computer vision, and blockchain development. They service clients all over Poland, as well as Europe and North America.

Michał Jankowski
Uptime Warsaw

Uptime Kraków

Uptime Kraków focuses on custom software development, with their main focus areas being healthcare and wellbeing products, construction, IoT, and e-commerce. They service clients all over Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Poland.

Uptime Kraków

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